Bed Push Parade – Pics!

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In July 2015, Mad people pushed a bed into a better future. A Mad Stretcher symbolizing a movement from hospital to community. Join the Bed Push / Mad Pride parade in 2016.

Getting ready for the parade


From Parkdale to Trinity Bellwoods Park, allies advocates and straight-up Mad people spread messages of empowerment, hope and celebration. Enjoy some of these photos and send us some more.



Check out the NEW MAD Pride Site.

Photo: Ready for some share and Mad Snacks at Trinity Bellwoods…hmmm Mad puns

Toronto Mad Pride – 2016 Get Mad!

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Toronto Mad Pride has a new Madweb site where you can find out about volunteering, events, madness, cool people and ways to celebrate. This year is going to be better than ever with people committed to learning, sharing, forming community and fun.

Mad Pride logo a person throws off shackles – The Rigt to be Free – The Right to be Me

Mad Pride is about activism and celebration. We invite you to join in building something together with enthusiastic and supportive nnpeople. We are not experts. We are not a hierarchical team. Planning is based on input from people like you and driven by your energy. So joing us and invite your coolest friends, neighbours and acquaintances.

Contact / Involve / Share / Celebrate the Mad Love and Empowerment:

Mad Pride in the Future

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What does Mad Pride mean to you? What is your vision for Mad Pride 2016?

Mad pride is a chance to bring together people from across the GTA. Mad is an inclusive term. We need to celebrate and embrace people who are familiar with the Mad movement and people who are interested in learning more.

At events, we heard a lot about the importance of publicity. We know we need to have more people involved in the early planning and at the events. This is a great volunteer opportunity to meet, learn and get involved in healthy-dynamic team! We hope to hear from you soon.

Contact us!

Thank you for your commitment to Mad Pride. Looking forward to seeing you in 2016.

Art-WOW at the Mad Market

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The Mad Market offered art for everyone: cool and crazy. We shared ideas, inspirations and images. Artists used every media – paint, plant, paper, peanut butter. Mad art covered every topic – cartoons to psychosis to cupcakes. The photos below give a very rough idea of the incredible range of mad artists:

Art making continued at the market!

For next year, look forward to much more publicity and many more vendors!

Mad-tastic talent and comedy

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Mad Pride is more than meeting fabulous beautiful people, it is also about talent. Comedy, music, poetry, painting, jewelry, and comedy.

The music night brought us together in an intimate affair to discover remarkable talents. Performers covered everything from classic folk tunes to Adele to heartfelt original poetry to Alanis Morissette (who attended in spirit):

Jokes and madness go together like dogs and poker.

If you can’t laugh at mental illness, then you needed to attend the Mad Pride Comedy night. Our veteran, scintillating and dirty performers covered everything from relationships to hospitalizations; families to medications; and nut allergies to psychiatrists. There was a lot to learn and next year we might prepare a report (haha) to send to psychiatrists to diagnose their problems and advise them on how to improve.

Note: Let us know if you would like to have your name or picture included here. Otherwise we will maintain confidentiality.

Mad Yoga

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Mad yoga started off each days’ activities beautifully. New, fit, stiff and experienced movers stretched and relaxed their way to clearer states of mind.

Mad Yoga leader Anne Theriault
Mad Yoga leader Anne Theriault

Mad Yoga leader Anne Theriault

Our wonderful yoga teacher Anne Thériault (writer, feminist, agitator and general smarty-pants) adapted the movements for everyone. Whether they could lie, bend, or use a chair, everyone was included.

Next year come out and stretch early and often!

mad dog stretching
Mad-ward Dog